Tapestry Hall was conceived many moons ago as the idea for an interfaith center committed to serving as a bridge between religions and spiritual pathways. All things are inseparably interconnected with all other things, and this applies to spirituality and religion as well. All things in life are but threads of infinite colors woven into a tapestry of beauty beyond anything our human minds can even begin to comprehend.

The original vision for an actual real-life building includes a meditation hall or chapel and event space, and will be open 24 hours a day for anyone needing silent, sacred space and peace. The hope is still alive and well for that location site, but until then, the virtual sites of the internet serve nicely.

One of the major aspects of all spiritualities and religions is the written word—their sacred texts. Whether ancient or modern, texts attempt to capture the essence of the path for remembrance, study, and communicating to others/passing onward to the next generation. Learning about and studying the sacred texts of pathways other than our own is as important as learning about and studying the texts that are of our own chosen path. Sacred texts are not meant to be taken as final or absolute truth, but are meant to provoke thought and meditation, guiding us to search within ourselves and our experiences, bringing insight and realization, growth and improvement.

This incarnation of Tapestry Hall is starting out on the Discord servers, and is mainly geared toward the sharing and discussing of sacred texts, with the goal of bridging the divides between journeys via dialogue and shared study. We shall see what grows from here—stay tuned!

Come on in and sit with us!
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